Table of Contents


Part 1: Preparing your Presentation

  1. Creating a Schedule
  2. Planning Your Presentation
  3. Preparing an Outline
  4. Script and Storyboard

Part 2: Producing Your Presentation

  1. Organizing Production
  2. Format Design: Slide Layout
  3. Format Design: Using Color
  4. Format Design: Typography
  5. Creating Text Slides
  6. Charts and Graphs
  7. Using Illustrations
  8. Producing
    Final Output

Part 3: Giving your Presentation

  1. Presentation


By Michael Talman

Understanding Presentation Graphics is a start-to-finish resource for anyone involved in planning, producing or delivering presentations.

Understanding Presentation Graphics is the only resource that offers step-by-step coverage of every aspect of creating a successful presentation - from earliest planning, to design and production, through the actual day of the show.

About the author:

Michael Talman is a freelance Web Developer and Project Manager. He spent eleven years as Computer Graphics Manager for Corporate Images, Inc., a full-service audio-visual production company. He formed and led Talman Associates, an independent Web Development company. He has over twenty years of experience in presentation design and computer graphics. He has taught WWW design at Academy of Art College, San Francisco and offers consultation on web, multimedia and presentation graphics design. Since 2000, he has been a Web Project Manager, guiding projects for the State of California, Intel Corporation, Sun Microsystems and University of California.


To Blackie Davidman, whose wisdom and guidance inspired
so many of us as artists and as human beings.

Special thanks to:

  • Paula Toth, who talked me into writing this book and contributed greatly to the early stages of the writing.
  • Steve Bettcher, John Lyons, Carol Wright
  • The incredibly talented staff of Corporate Images, Inc.
  • William Coggshall of New Media Research.
  • The many wonderful artists and designers I've worked with over the past 25 years.
  • Kim Marshall for technical review and approval
  • Heather Steward-Capps for conversion to HTML
  • Jim Flannery

Understanding Presentation Graphics
was originally published in 1991 by Sybex, Inc.
© Copyright 1991 Michael Talman, All Rights Reserved