Michael Talman PhotoMichael Talman, Web Project Management and Business Analysis

Scientia Incorporated, San Francisco, CA 94107
December 1995 to June 1997: Creative Director

  • Enhanced usability and design of Princeton Review's College Advisor and Apply 98! CD-ROM products, leading to a distribution of nearly 1 million units with Time Magazine's college entry guide.
  • Enabled Oracle Corporation to develop Intranet employee orientation by adapting existing CD-ROM materials and artwork to Web-based design.
  • Established new architecture and redesigned Sun Microsystems SunPeak project website Intranet for increased usability and access to employees.
  • For Sun Microsystems, developed HTML templates for JavaOne conference executive presentations.
  • Created website and online reference of semiconductor components for Supertex, Inc.

Public Web Sites

  • Supertex, Inc. (Web Archive)
    800-page online catalog/databook for semiconductor manufacturer. Extensive use of Adobe Acrobat format. Creative use of complex tables for semiconductor part selection.

Private Intranet Sites/Projects:

  • Sun Microsystems: SunPeak Communications Tool redesign
    Redesign/repurpose of internal web site for MIS end user communications related to mainframe/legacy app migration to Sun solutions.
  • Sun Microsystems: Sun Corporate Executive Internet Presentations
    Development of system for giving corporate executive presentations on a Javastation via the Internet, replacing traditional slide shows. Used at major Sun meetings such as the 1997 JavaOne Conference.


MS Windows 95, Apple Macintosh OS7 & OS8. MS Access, Allaire Cold Fusion, Javascript. Microsoft Office (Mac & PC). Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker, Freehand, Flash and Illustrator. Macromedia Director. Deneba Canvas 7.0.

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